Hi! My name is Joy and I’m the owner of Share Our Joy Events. We are a boutique event planning and design firm serving clients in the DC/Metro area. 

Hey there!    

Do you have a few party ideas in mind and don't know how to put them together?

Are you trying to figure out how you're going to set up for this party and still enjoy your guests?

Are you tired of searching through the sea of venues, caterers, and photographers and don't know who to trust?

Or have you said to yourself...

"I'm just too busy to put this party together..."

"My family keeps wondering when am I going to get started on this party..."

"Mom, what are we doing for my birthday?"

Sing with me..."Anniversary, it's our anniversary..." but should it be us two or the whole family?"


If ANY of these sound like the role playing you've been doing lately, you certainly found the right place.

But who are you Joy and why should we pick you?

Share Our Joy Events began with you in mind...

...where you may struggle with details, we help you bring them together-

...where you may feel overwhelmed with decision making, our expertise in hiring the right vendors for your day comes into play -

...when you know you have a few things in mind, but really want to give it all over to  somebody else to do, we'd be glad to - I've been planning my birthday celebrations since I was a young(er) lady.  My mom to this day still dreads June because she knows what's coming, "so I think I want to do x,y,z for my birthday."

I think I enjoy seeing my mom cringe a bit, that's terrible right?...As her daughter, it's my job to always keep her on her toes ;)

I'd ask you to trust me on this, but hey, I'd rather you decide for yourself

Planning a great celebration and making it look absolutely gorgeous is not for the faint of heart and if yours is going pitter patter at the thought of X, Xth, 20XX being just around the corner, then you may want to share the Joy like our clients who were just like you and simply click CONTACT in the upper right hand corner.

To read about our client's good communication with us and stress free experience, head over to our testimonials  We agree that party planning peace of mind is invaluable and we hope you'll invite us to make the process enjoyable!