Best Wedding Cake Bakeries in D.C.

The wedding venue is booked and you are compiling a long list of “to-do’s” before the imperative “I-do’s.” One of the highlights must surely be choosing a wedding cake and you are in luck, as Washington D.C. has an array of bakeries armed to the hilt with buttercream and fondant - ready and waiting to create custom cupcakes, mouth-watering macaroon towers and wow factor wedding cakes.  Each bakery offers its own tailored service, but ultimately, they share the common goal of providing you with a delectable cake for your special day. Now all you have to do is choose the right bakery for you! To help you on your quest for a scrumptious cake to compliment your joyful wedding day we have compiled our top 5 best wedding cake bakeries in D.C.

Buttercream Bake Shop

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Our first pick is the Buttercream Bake Shop and if the tag line of this bakery “Cookies, cakes and confections, beyond your wildest dreams,” is anything to go by then you are in for a treat. Right in the center of DC this little bakery promises to bring your most creative ideas to life. As its name suggest, Buttercream Bake Shop offers wonderful buttercream creations, but they also offer fondant designs and you can choose two flavors for your tiered wedding cake (a choice for the bride and a choice for the groom, diplomacy reigns in DC) Buttercream offers an exclusive tasting session (if your order exceeds $500), now that sounds like a fabulous way to spend an afternoon, you get to sample cakes, buttercreams and fillings (yum). Once you have an idea of your favorites you talk through your ideas and your cake is designed (it will be an exclusive, custom cake). On the practical side this bakery organizes delivery (for orders over $500) and will deliver to a wide area. Along with wedding cakes they offer chic macaroon towers and can create dessert tables and edible gifts for your guests.

Sticky Fingers Bakery

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Our second-choice is the delightfully named Sticky Fingers Bakery and is located on Park Rd NW. This award-winning café and bakery likes to offer choices and promises to work with you to create “gorgeous, mouth-watering treats that are sure to delight the pickiest of palates.” Now that’s comforting, hasn’t everyone got a Great Aunt Fussy to contend with? Options include one for the budget conscious – a cupcake display and a basic cutting cake, that are easy on the wallet but still taste great. There’s also a basic sweetheart cake and traditional tiered cake - you can choose your own flavors (think red velvet and fruity fillings) or you can customize your own individual cake and create a one of a kind showstopper. Sticky Fingers also consider guests with intolerances and offers a wheat-free wedding cake. From a practical point of view, you pay a 50% deposit upfront and they can organize a courier to deliver your cake (ask for a quote).  They also have a delivery specialist who will (at an extra charge) deliver and assemble the tiered wedding cakes.

Cakes by Sabrina

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Our third bakery informs us it’s “not just a cake, it’s an experience,” and owner of Cakes by Sabrina (Sabrina Hare), believes that cakes should taste as good as they look. Sabrina learned about baking at an early age and has a wealth of experience and knowledge; she now uses fashion as her inspiration and aims to give each client a personal and unique experience. Flavor is also a big deal here and you can customize flavor pairings to enhance your cake (think strawberries and champagne; sounds divine. You can book a tasting session ($50, redeemable against your order) and you get to try out 4 luscious flavors along with complimentary tea, coffee and champagne.  Delivery can be arranged to transport your cake to its final wedding day setting.

The CakeRoom Bakery

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Our fourth bakery of choice is the charming Cakeroom Bakery, located in the neighborhood of Adam’s Morgan. If you can’t find it, just breathe in deeply – this place provides the most wonderful aromas (think freshly baked pies and old fashioned bake goods). Home-baking is the mantra here and you won’t find any pre-made icing or cake mix. It’s fresh buttercream all the way here and the focus is on simple elegance with a gorgeous flavor. You can choose from a 2 tier or 3 tier design, depending on the number of guests and budget. Everything starts with a “tasting appointment” ($25 but redeemable against your purchase if you move forward with an order).  The thought of a tasting session fills us with joy, 5 mouth-watering options and the option to have a different flavor for each tier; well, variety is the spice (of married) life!  You can discuss how you want your cake to look, there are suggested designs available or go equipped with your own ideas. There is also a delivery service and this can be added to your quote.

The Cake Courtesan

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Our fifth cake creator is a big believer that every cake should be unique and a personalized representation of the happy couple. The Cake Courtesan is owned and lead by a previous Cake Wars contestant and past cakes have even been featured in international publications. High acclaim indeed! Everything begins with a phone consultation to discuss key factors such as date, budget and wedding details. There is the obligatory and much anticipated tasting session and a chance to pool ideas on the actual design of the cake. Personalised service is the key here and (for a fee) you can have a storyboard or a “Styrofoam model” of your cake made up, so you can get a real representation to help you with the creative process. They like to ensure the cake is a real scene stealer and even discuss your linen and cake stand choices to make sure you have the right backdrop for the star of the show!

Let Us Share Your Joy

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