Charitable Donations v. Wedding Gifts

If you have been with your fiancé for some time chances are you already have cupboards full of glasses, stacks of fluffy towels, a mountain of pots and pans and enough photo-frames to showcase every one of your cutesy couple pics. You don’t want to sound like you are being ungrateful, but you really don’t want or need any more household whatnots. So, what do you request for your wedding day gift?


You could ask for money (be careful how you add this to the invitation, consider putting it on a separate note card), perhaps there’s a large item you have your eye on, or request that your guests contribute towards your honeymoon. Another option is the good old gift card, that you can go and blow at a particular store.


But what do you ask for if you don’t really want gifts and you don’t need (or would rather not request) any gift cards or money? Your guest’s presence may well be a present enough, but often people want to do something nice for you, it’s your wedding day after all. It’s their way of showing they care, marking the occasion and giving something to you to show how much they appreciate you involving them in your wedding celebrations. So, how about asking your guests to donate to a charity in lieu of a gift? Prince William and his then fiancé, Kate Middleton, did just that before their 2011 royal wedding, requesting donations to their own charitable fund over the traditional pottery, porcelain and small appliances (we doubt they needed a set of cuttiing boards or monogramed hand-towels anyhow)!


You could ask guests to donate to a charity of their own choice, or you could choose a cause close to your own heart and ask your guests to donate to them.

If you have a favorite charity, enclose a little bit of information about it alongside your wedding invitation and explain you would really appreciate your guests showing their support by digging deep into their pockets.


Embrace humanity and showcase your kindness by indulging in the art of giving. Encourage your guests to join you on your quest to improve the lives of other human beings or animals by being generous and supporting your chosen cause. If you are going to ask guests to donate, make sure the chosen charity is regulated and decide how you are going to donate. Will guests be giving you money or checks on your wedding day? If so you will need somewhere (secure) for them to go. Invest in a statement wedding box for your cards and envelopes, or get crafty and make something yourself. Alternatively, you could ask guests to donate directly to the charity or set up an account with JustGiving or a similar website.

Giving money to charity in lieu of gifts has become a popular trend. Perhaps that’s because we live in what some might describe as a “throwaway” society, if we want something and can afford it, we tend to buy it ourselves. In an age of such consumerism, some excess can only be expected, but it can be too much. Your wedding day will already bring you joy and happiness, a day where you will be surrounded by your nearest and dearest and exchange vows with the love of your life. What more could you ask for?


Spread that love and joy to others by giving to a charity, those warm wishes can then be extended to those in need. Your guests will think highly of you for committing such a selfless act and you can pat yourself on the back for doing a good deed. The other bonus is that you avoid having to find a space for all the stuff your guests buy you – especially if it’s something that’s not quite your taste. Just where are you supposed to find a home for the ugly vase that great Aunt Edna gifted you? You could hide it away, but when she comes for tea she might be very peeved if it’s not proudly on display!


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