Deciding on a Menu for your Wedding

"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well."  Virginia Woolf was spot on here and you will want your guests to get into the celebratory fare with gusto on your wedding day. The theme of your wedding and style of your venue will help you to decide on the culinary path to take. Tastes and culture also come into play here, you may want to hire caterers who specialize in Asian or Indian cuisine for example.

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You may opt for a relaxed buffet, allowing your guests abundant choice. Offering a meat, vegetarian and fish option ensures selective eaters are well catered for and a buffet tends to be generally less expensive than more formal catering options. If certain guests suffer from food intolerance / allergies you can offer alternatives here – just make sure food is labeled in an easy to read font.  Don’t get too fancy with the typeface, we don’t want to hold up the line with guests struggling to read it!  You can go for self-service (guests help themselves to whatever tickles their fancy) or you can offer a served buffet (staff dish up food at the request of your guest). This can be a nice touch and should help speed up the food service. When considering a buffet, you need to think about the layout and size of your venue. Food should be placed in an accessible but not intrusive position and hungry guests will generally not have to wait like we did in the high school lunch line! A good solution here would be two buffet tables (ideally one on each side of the room), this will maintain a great flow of guests and make sure hot food stays that way. 

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If you want something a little less informal a plated meal could be a good option.   Guests are seated and served a 3-course meal, offering a more sophisticated ambience. This is generally more expensive than a buffet, but there will be no guests milling about with over-spilling plates. You can choose to let your guests select from a menu (the venue or caterer will handle the logistics).  Alternatively, you can set the menu in advance (providing a vegetarian option and taking into account other dietary needs) or provide a duet meal e.g. surf and turf, along with sides. 

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If you are seeking a very upscale catering option suited to a formal wedding, then you might want to consider White Glove Service. As its name suggests servers wear white gloves and ensure that each guest receives their food in unison.

This is almost a choreographed affair – each waiter carries two domed plates and waits behind two allotted guests. The head waiter signals and plates are set down and domes removed. This is a refined way to offer your guests an elegant meal, but bear in mind it will come with a price tag to match. Offering a White Glove or plated service does allow you the nicety of being able to provide menu cards, a thoughtful touch for your guests. 

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