Fun After Hours Wedding Ideas

You have enjoyed a wonderful wedding day celebration, sashayed down the aisle into the arms of your beloved and joyfully exchanged “I do’s.” You have your nearest and dearest surrounding you and really do not want the day to end. So why should it? How about you keep the party rolling on and go for some after-party fun. There are plenty of ways you can make your celebration last a whole lot longer.


A Truck-Load of Food.

If you want to be on-trend at your wedding consider hiring a food truck. There are so many options, wood-fired pizza, tacos and sushi being just a few. If you suspect your friends might get the munchies late into the celebration a cool food truck will be a welcome surprise. It’s a good idea to consider where your truck will go, if it’s arriving later in the evening it’s wise not to park it too far from the main venue – a chilly walk or wait in a line won’t be pleasant for you or your guests. If you have a large party you might need more than one food truck option, just to keep everyone well fed. There are lots of different cuisines to choose from and consider how your van looks, if you’ve gone for a vintage look try and choose something on the pretty side – think fairy lights etc. It’s nice to carry through the theme of your wedding.


Aces High.

If you’re not a million miles from a casino why not consider taking a chance on fun at the slots or tables? You could arrange a party bus or limo to transport your guests to the venue. If there’s no casino nearby how about bringing the tables to you? Roulette and Black Jack tables are easy to set up and there are plenty of companies that specialize in bringing a little Las Vegas style glamour to your shindig.


Bottoms Up!

How about organizing your very own specialist bar on wheels? You could pick something specific like a Prosecco truck or a fully laden gin bar. Guests love to toast you on your special day (after all a wedding is a great excuse for enjoying a few too many celebratory sips).


Sing It Out.

In tune with your guests? Find out with a bit of karaoke. Get your family and friends to belt out their favorites and you and your new spouse can get all loved up with a soppy duet. Tell your guests all about your Summer Loving’ -Travolta and Newton-John style or go for a tearjerker and belt out Endless Love just like Ross & Richie.


Sweets & Treats.

Dessert or sweet bars/tables are a great way to inject a little fun, color and of course sugar to your wedding. You can complement your theme (go for black and white if you have a monochrome feel to your day), or just choose something that you know you and your guests will really enjoy. How about a chocolate fountain surrounded by marshmallows and other suitably sweet treats for dipping? Or a candy cart with traditional candies that will delight those with a sweet tooth. For a unique option who could argue with a show-stopping donut wall? Our idea of heaven on Earth!


A Boat-Load of Fun.

For something a little different you could consider treating everyone to a cruise along the river in a beautifully lit boat? Make sure there’s plenty of fizz on-board and let your guests savor the twinkling city lights.


Let Us Share Your Joy

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