How Much Wedding Can We Afford?

Last year, the average U.S wedding cost around $30,000 with approximately 140 guests attending to enjoy the special day with the bride and groom. That’s a lot of hard earned dollars to sink into a celebration, so how do you make sure you get value for the money and end up with the wedding of your dreams?


Figuring Out a Budget.

First things first, decide just how much you want to spend on your big day. The national average is just that, an average. The amount you plan to spend will vary depending upon when, where and how you want to marry. A big and bold celebration isn’t for everyone so don’t feel compelled to spend a fortune just because you feel you should. Small and intimate can be just as special, it’s YOUR wedding remember! Now, if you haven’t started already, get saving -there’s a wedding to pay for!


Letting Family Chip In.

You will want to make your money stretch as far as possible, and there are a few things you need to think about when sorting out a reasonable budget. Are you paying for the whole wedding yourselves or are parents / other family members helping you out? You may be offered a lump sum toward the wedding expenses or relatives might be keen to contribute towards particular items such as the cake, photographer or wedding gown. Try and sensitively find out how much they are willing to put into the pot, this will help you to determine what you can spend.


Working Out What’s Important.

Have you always dreamed of marrying in a fairy-tale castle, or set your heart on wearing a designer gown and arriving in a Cinderella-like coach? Perhaps you both want to treat your guests to a party they won’t forget and are intent on hiring the best band or DJ you can afford. Maybe you want to focus more on your honeymoon or moving into a new home, so you are considering a low-key affair. Decide where you really feel it’s important to be splashy and the areas you are happy to compromise on.


Getting an Idea of Costs.

Don’t pull figures out of thin air. Just because you want the dress of your dreams to cost $2000 it doesn’t mean it will! Get an idea of how much things cost by doing a little research of your own. You can attend wedding shows, contact a few vendors and look online.

Creating a Checklist and a Budget.

You know what you want to spend, have some idea on where you want to allocate all that lovely money and how much any generous relatives are adding to the pot. You have checked out a few ideas so you have a few rough costs on hand.  Now you are ready to pool all that information and draw up a checklist and basic budget. This will help you to make sure you don’t forget anything and keep you on track.

Help! I Can’t Do This Alone.

Working out your budget is a daunting prospect. It can be hard to stay on top of things (there’s so much to organize for a wedding). Have no fear you don’t have to do it all alone. There are some great tools available online that will help you to work out how you can manage your finances and pay for your big day. Alternatively get some professional help, hire a wedding planner to do all of that bothersome leg-work for you.

That way instead of negotiating contracts with suppliers and fretting about whether the extra $1000 is worth it for those Casablanca Lilies, you can ask the advice of your wonderfully organized and totally clued in wedding planner. Sit back, sip your chilled champagne and look forward to your fabulous day.


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