How to Write Meaningful Wedding Vows

What can you say to the person you are about to be joined in matrimony with for the rest of your life? How can you possibly convey exactly how much you love them? When the time comes to look your better half square in the eyes and exchange vows what words will tumble from your lips?


Something Old.

In the past traditional wedding vows were the norm, and it was all about loving, cherishing, honoring and (gulp) even obeying! Luckily the days of being the little wifey and promising to do as you are told are long gone. But, you can still go down the customary route and there’s something very unifying in vowing to have and to hold til’ death do us part.


Something New.

If you are thinking of writing your own vows you might be feeling a little nervous about articulating your ideas. After all you will be standing in front of your nearest and dearest and professing how much you love your partner. You can write your vows together or individually but the first thing you will need is a little inspiration, and that’s not always easy to come by!


Get started with a brainstorming session and think about the key events that lead to your wedding day, such as how you met, what you first noticed about your partner and why you fell in love. Think about what getting hitched means to you and cogitate your hopes for the future.

Something Borrowed.

Look around to find ideas to inspire your creativity – check out poetry, wedding readings and songs. Movies can be a useful source, and often offer some great quotes, such as:


‘The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love, and be loved in return.’

Christian. Moulin Rouge.


The internet is a powerhouse of information (but can be a bit overwhelming -  as there’s a lot to search through), and books can help provide notions too.

Researching for the purpose of writing your vows also offers the perfect excuse to investigate the meaning of true love. There are plenty of slushy quotes out there that will put you in the mood for romance. You should also think about your culture, the traditions you adhere to and your faith – the things you believe in are important and will provide you with useful ideas for your vows.


Something Blue.

Your vows can have a fun element, that personal touch that makes them unique. However, avoid getting too risqué (you will be exchanging vows in front of your parents and Great Aunt Edna after all). Cheeky and flirty is good e.g. I love you and I especially love it when you walk around in just your towel after a shower! But down-right dirty is best left for your wedding night!


Something Special Just for You!

Your wedding day is magical - it will be a day you will always remember, so if you’re writing your own vows make sure they mean something. Think about the moment you knew you wanted to spend the rest of your life with your partner, reminisce about your first date, first kiss and how you felt when you decided to get engaged. Don’t dally for too long, get your thoughts down and don’t be intimidated by writing that first draft. Your vows to your beloved should be heart-warming, personal and have a depth of meaning for you both. Once you have a draft you need to edit like you mean it. Remember, there’s always room for humor, so if it all feels a bit too sterile or serious inject a light-hearted story to express your love for your partner.


After all that hard work in writing your vows you might want to keep more than just the scrap of paper you jotted them down on. Consider having your vows turned into wall art so you can remember the special words you both uttered forever (or remind yourselves what you promised)!

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