Organizational Must Haves for Brides

Getting married? Then getting organized is a must. There are a few key elements you need to decide on before you get to the frilly extras. These include: When will your wedding be? What type of wedding will you go for? Where will you get married? Who will be in your wedding party?


With all that to sort out, we would forgive you for asking, Why the heck are we getting married? Allow us to remind you. You are getting married because you love one another and want to cement your union by making a vow to honor, cherish and adore each other until your last breath (the opportunity to wear a gorgeous gown and celebrate with champagne is an added bonus)! With that in mind let’s calmly go through some of the organizational must haves that will help you to plan your big day, and make sure it’s memorable for all of the right reasons.


Create a Wedding Scrapbook / Notebook.

You may have been planning your wedding in your head for as long as you care to admit (even before you met your partner)! There’s no shame in that. The perfect wedding day is dreamed of by many. It’s time to transfer those thoughts in your head onto paper. Get a scrapbook or notebook and fill it with your ideas, images, photographs, and quotes – anything that you feel applies to the type of wedding you want. This can be your starting point or springboard into defining your plans and fine tuning your ideas.


Formulate a Budget.

Keep stress to a minimum by formulating and (where possible) sticking to a budget. There’s enough to keep on top of without worrying about how you are going to pay for your shoes or the DJ. There are some great online tools that can make the job easier. Alternatively create your own simple spreadsheet, or a hand-written record will do. Make a note of your overall budget and what you need to book and buy, then work out/estimate what you want to spend on each element. Don’t forget to record the actual cost too so you can keep track!


Get Tech-Savvy.

It might be a good idea to set up an email address just for your wedding day preparations. This will prevent you having to wade through your usual inbox in search of messages and details. We’ve briefly touched on creating a spreadsheet to keep track of your budget but you can also create and monitor your guest list. You can create a wedding folder for all of your documents and communication and sync appointments with your hubby to be, bridesmaids, etc. (all by the touch of a button or two).

Or Go Old School with Pen and Paper.

If you don’t like the idea of inputting everything into an electronic device make sure you have a decent calendar, diary or notebook to keep track of appointments, lists and who is doing what. Keep everything together in a wedding folder, you might want to have separate sections to keep things in order, such as a section for receipts and invoices, one for contracts etc.


Hire a Wedding Planner and Build a Support Network.

A wedding planner can help you turn your ideas into concrete plans. They have experience in knowing what will work well, how to put together a budget and how to negotiate a contract. A wedding planner can liaise with your venue and all your other suppliers to make sure your day comes together just as you dreamed it would.

Hiring a wedding planner will help ease the strain so you can concentrate on the fun stuff, for this you will need a supportive handful of family and friends to help you enjoy the run up to the big day.


Let Us Share Your Joy

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We understand that planning the details of your celebration should be joyful in itself and would love to help you to organize a memorable day and night. We can be with you on every step of your journey, helping to make your wedding as special as it should be.


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