Planning an18th Birthday Party

Adulthood brings a whole host of “legal” things to engage in. Including voting, donating blood and setting up a pension. On a more extreme level there’s joining the military, getting married and obtaining a tattoo or piercing. By the way, we are not advocating doing any of these things to celebrate! To mark the occasion, why not throw an amazing 18th birthday party? Memories last a lifetime after all (a bit like a tattoo or piercing, but much less painful)!

Let’s get planning…


The Guest List.

Collate a guest list – numbers will dictate budget and venue. Invites should reflect the style of your party, having a theme e.g. a chocolate party? Set the tone by sending Golden Ticket invites wrapped around chocolate bars. Hiring a great band? Concert style tickets look great.


The Venue.

The all-important party place must have wow appeal and fit on a practical level too. It should have ample space for guests, fit the budget and be easy to get to or park at.  There’s plenty of choice with banquet halls, hotels, restaurants, bowling alleys, to name a few ideas, and if you have the space you could rent a marquee and party at home.    

The Theme.

A themed party like Arabian Nights offers a chance to really embrace the event – think middle eastern food, colorful décor etc. Or perhaps a classic theme - black and white or famous faces. 

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box – how about a party where everyone dresses as something beginning with the hosts name? E.g. “P” for pirates.


The Entertainment.

Good bands and DJs often get booked way in advance so get some recommendations or go see them yourself, but book quickly.  DJs are great in terms of musical variety but bands offer a real atmospheric kick to the day. If you have a theme, always keep it in mind as you make each decision for the party e.g. think belly dancers for Arabian Nights.

Capture the Joy.

Quirky touches like a message board for friends to sign can add a personal twist. Photos are great to look back on too, consider hiring a photographer or maybe a photobooth and add some props for the fun factor.  We have a package just for you!  Check it out here.


The Decorations.

Tie decorations in with the venue, a stunning room may not need much dressing and an outdoor space may be able to rely more on mother nature for a backdrop.

Balloons always seem to conjure up a party vibe, for a more modern take consider a gorgeous flower or greenery wall. If you have a theme, get creative and add decorations and props to suit.

The Refreshments.

Buffets work well, people can help themselves to what they like. These can be simple (mini sliders and fries) or more fancy (caviar blini’s). It’s nice to incorporate thoughtful touches, such as candy buffets, taco bars or a chocolate fountain. The cake should reflect the personality of the birthday girl or boy - make it special with personalization.   


Let Us Share Your Joy

Why not let Share Our Joy Events help you? Planning the details of an 18th birthday party can be daunting but we can help you to make it joyful. Together we can design, create and organize an awesome 18th birthday party, making it an evening to remember. We can be with you on every step of your journey, helping to make your party as special as it should be.


Find joy in the unexpected details with Share Our Joy Events.