Should I Have an Indoor or Outdoor Wedding?

The sun on your face as you delicately tread across manicured lawns, before exchanging vows under a blossom sprinkled pagoda. Or perhaps a terrace, with the bluest ocean and cloudless sky as your backdrop for the day. Outdoor weddings are all about location and scenery. Mansion houses and hotels often have superb grounds offering beautifully landscaped areas, with touches like bridges and fountains. Vineyards and farms can offer picturesque locations too (think majestic mountains or a rustic countryside). There shouldn’t be a need for fussy or expensive decorations, who needs bows and frills when you have fresh flowers bordering a gazebo? Whether it’s forests or oceanic panoramas, what you see is what you get, so there’s no strange paisley curtains in the background spoiling your theme! The obvious potential pitfall of an outdoor wedding is something that no amount of forethought and planning can control – the weather. A soggy, cold, windy or even overly hot day can put a real strain on proceedings when you have picked a venue specifically for its outdoor credentials. You may also encounter some unwelcome wedding crashers - unfortunately bugs don’t need an invite. 

Indoor weddings certainly prevent weather worries and there are plenty of lovely venues offered, providing both traditional and modern options. Think ballrooms and museums, hotels, restaurants and even art galleries. Harbor and beachfront venues often have floor-to-ceiling windows that frame the view perfectly, so you are almost bringing the outside in! An indoor wedding is the way to go for a cozy feel and can boast features such as ornate fireplaces and grand staircases. You may also experience a more tranquil setting - no unexpected bugs, noise or a sudden gust of wind blowing off Auntie Susie’s prized hat! There’s also a level of comfort and luxury associated with an indoor ceremony that you may not be able to re-create outdoors. Think comfortable, soft chairs and lush carpet or opulent marble flooring. Then there’s the convenience, nearby restrooms – check, easy access to bar – check, ability for bride and groom to sneak off to the honeymoon suite for a quick…er…post-nuptial kiss – check. Outdoor areas will have access to these things, but they may not be quite so convenient.

Of course, there is a foolproof solution here – hire a venue that offers stunning grounds and an equally stunning indoor or covered space. If you decide you want to go for the great outdoors you will still have an equally fabulous backup in case that inclement weather kicks in.  Some venues offer exclusive use of their entire event space, giving you the opportunity to maximize indoors and outdoors to the fullest!

Let Us Share Your Joy

So, whether you choose an outdoor or indoor wedding (or both) make sure you take the time to do your research, decide on which best fits your theme, budget and own style. Popular venues will get booked up way in advance, so consider your date and make this decision a priority. 

Why not let Share Our Joy Events help you? Planning the details of your special day should be a joyful event in itself, let us help you to source that perfect venue for your indoor or outdoor wedding and organize the other elements of your special day. We can be with you on every step of your journey, helping to make your day as memorable and special as it should be. 

Find joy in the unexpected details with Share Our Joy Events.

Outdoor wedding ideas:

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L'auberge Del Mar, CA

outdoor wedding 2_indoor outdoor wedding blog post_L_Auberge Del Mar.jpg

L'auberge Del Mar, CA

Indoor Wedding Ideas:

Miramar Cultural Center, FL

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Photographer:  Brian Haddon