Should I Hire A D.J Or A Band For My Wedding?

How can you make sure your wedding reception goes with a swing? After the “I do’s” are done and the canapes have been savored, it will surely be time to bring on the music. Should you hire a DJ or a band for your wedding? Consider your venue, what type of room do you have for your reception? Is it a large ballroom or a more intimate setting? How much space can be allocated for your chosen entertainment? Your venue can guide you on the best use of space and any restrictions regarding noise levels etc. Consider carefully how much you want to spend and bear in mind that the cost may be higher on certain days of the week and at busier times of the year. Reflect on the style of your wedding, do you have a particular theme? Do you envision your reception as a more formal affair or a “wave your arms in the air like you just don’t care sort of party atmosphere?” Finally, consider the tastes of your guests and most importantly your personal tastes, this is your special day (and night) after all! The majority of your guests may be fans of country music, but if it’s not your cup of joe then don’t hire a Garth Brooks tribute artist to sing all evening! 

Hey! Mr. DJ Put a Record On.

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Inside Wedding

DJs should be fairly flexible about where they can set-up, providing there are electrical sockets nearby! Some venues have a DJ sound system already in place. Price wise you should expect to pay more for an established DJ with a good reputation, however as a rule of thumb, a DJ will still cost less than a band. DJs can really add the party element to your evening, a good one can create and maintain a great atmosphere and also act as a master of ceremonies.  DJs usually come armed with more music than they can play in a week, let alone one evening.  So, you and your guests should be able to go from 80’s pop to 90’s rock to current R&B with ease, with a smattering of cheesy party tunes and the obligatory ballads thrown in for good measure. Whatever your special “first dance” song is I’m sure your DJ will have it in his or her repertoire. 

I’m With The Band.

Photographer:  Jessica Painter 

There is an array of bands to select from and when choosing one you must consider the size of the venue and available space for them to comfortably play in. 

Hiring a band for your wedding is usually more expensive than hiring a DJ.  However, the sound quality should be awesome and for a bit of a wow factor you really can’t beat a live performance by accomplished musicians. Bands can strike up a great rapport with your guests and should be able to absorb the mood in the room. Keep in mind that despite being talented musicians they do not have an endless list of songs from every era or genre in their playlist. 

Let Us Share Your Joy

So, whether you choose to hire a DJ or a band for your wedding make sure you take the time to do your research, decide on which best fits the venue, budget, style and your own taste. Good acts (DJs and bands) often get booked up way in advance so don’t leave this decision lounging at the bottom of the to do list. 

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