Should I Hire A Videographer Too?

You’ve sorted out the photographer and have thought long and hard about the type of wedding pictures you would like to commemorate your special day. Photographs are great for capturing certain moments – and you can look back fondly at pictures of your chosen wedding cars, outfits, your wedding party, the guests, flowers etc. However, they can’t catch more than just a moment. For this you will need a wedding video – a mini-movie perfectly depicting the mood of the day and every special part of it.


Don’t Miss A Thing.

As the bride and groom, you are the stars of the moment, and all eyes will be on you. Unfortunately, you can’t have your own eyes on all your guests and everything that’s going on around you. With so much happening, it will be impossible to take everything in. This is where a videographer is so valuable, he or she can get a complete overview of your day – from the proud look on your Grandfather’s face as he sees you glide down the aisle, to the sniffles from Great Aunt Loretta as she dabs a tear from her eye.  Your videographer will capture the moment your bouquet gets stuck in the branches of an overhanging tree as you over-enthusiastically toss it, and the pained look on your grooms face as the best man regales the guests with tales from his less than upstanding youth.

Sight and Sound.

The good thing about a wedding video is that you not only get clear and ongoing imagery of the wedding, but you also get sound. You can listen to the wedding march as you retrace your steps down the aisle, dab your own eyes as you listen to your father’s heart-warming speech, and enjoy hearing your “special song.” After all, you practiced hard for that first dance – you want to revel in your rhythmical ability over and over again! You can hear yourselves saying “I do,” and laugh at the mischievous giggles of your flower girls as they hide below the buffet table. Pictures can tell a thousand words, but a video means you can hear them too!


Something to Look Back On.

A wedding album is something to be cherished, and no doubt you will pull it out to remind yourself of your happy day. You can save it for the future and show your own children (and perhaps even grandchildren). While photographs are a great way to illustrate how things were, a video will provide a better synopsis of your wedding day.

Along with your wedding photographs you will have your own memories too and they will stay with you forever, but your recollections of what was said and done may fade over time. How lovely that you can watch the whole celebration back, in living color, and re-experience it all once more.

Worth the Money?

We hate to drag you back to reality but budget may be a deciding factor regarding whether or not you hire a videographer. You could ask a well-meaning family member or friend to do it, but don’t bank on great results and keep in mind they will be viewing your celebration through a lens (and that might not be the best way for them to celebrate with you)!  Hiring a professional videographer is the best way to get the right person involved. Check out recommendations, look at past work and make sure you have a rapport with the person you are thinking of hiring.

Alongside getting a professional (or if you can’t stretch to that) consider setting up your own “video message booth.” Find a quiet corner of your reception venue and leave a video camera for your guests to use. They can record a special message for you that you can look back on after your big day (tip – this is probably best done not too late in the evening before guests have had the chance to over-indulge too much)!


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