The Icing on The Cake Wedding Style

Traditionally served at the reception after a hearty meal and a few gregarious toasts, the wedding cake is a staple of the wedding celebration. In the past the cake was produced as a way of proffering good luck to the wedding guests and the happy couple. Nowadays the cake often takes center stage, it’s customary to get a few snaps of the bride and groom cutting it (and sometimes smashing it into one another’s faces)!


The average cost of a wedding cake has increased steadily - doubling over the last ten years. You don’t need to spend a small fortune, you could ask a creative friend or family member to whip one up for you, but many couples prefer to get their cake made to order, and if you want a showstopper it’s going to cost you!


Nowadays you can go as big as you dare and choose from numerous styles and flavors. But it’s important to remember that bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. Complex wedding cakes often have to be engineered into their designs, and tiers are sometimes baked up to a week in advance (they have to cool completely at each point of the cake process). Tiers are coated with syrup or a similar liquid to keep them from drying out and are placed together using a cream filling. Icing is very time consuming and on top of that there’s the decoration to sort out.


The result? You could end up with the enormous (and complicated) cake of your dreams that looks amazing, but doesn’t taste quite so wonderful. Make sure your chosen baker understands what it is you are looking for, look at past work and (if you can) try a few samples (any excuse to eat cake)!



There are so many styles to choose from, go for a traditional cake (often white), complete with tiers and coordinating flowers.



Or perhaps you would prefer something a little more contemporary. Instead of the traditional circular tiers opt for a square shaped cake and bravely investigate other color options, white and bridal are forever linked but there are other colors you could choose from.


A bespoke cake can reflect your personality as a couple and also the things you like. If you want your cake to be frivolous and fun then go for it! There’s no right or wrong when it comes to wedding cake. It’s your big day so choose what YOU like.


When One Cake Just Isn’t Enough.

Instead of one traditional cake how about lots of small cakes? A cupcake tower can look very effective and you can offer the guests the opportunity to take one for themselves.

Top That.

A cake topper can add a special touch to your cake, better still get a personalized one. You can even have little figurines made that look like yourself and your spouse-to-be.

Let Us Share Your Joy

Planning the details of your special day should be a joyful event in itself, let us help you to source the best wedding cake and organize the other elements of your wedding. We can be with you on every step of your journey, helping to make your day as memorable and special as it should be.

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