The Role that Ushers Play

One of the most famous Usher’s of our time sang…“What ya’ll know about a…supermodel?!” Talented songwriter, singer, dancer and actor, Usher Raymond IV, who wouldn’t love him to attend their wedding? The first dance would be awesome…


But for this role we are seeking a different type of usher. It’s all about the bride and groom after all and the important role of usher should be offered only to the groom’s nearest and dearest (not a global superstar). The good news is that you don’t have to choose one, you can have several ushers. Bridal guides suggest one usher per fifty guests, but there’s no rule set in stone.

The usher plays a pivotal role in the wedding and offers a useful way of including more people in the wedding party, not everyone can be the best man after all!

In the days leading up to the wedding, ushers should be on hand to help wherever necessary. The best-man takes the strain (generally keeping the groom sane), but ushers offer another shoulder to lean on when it comes to the deluge of wedding day planning and preparation. Ushers might also lend a hand with the all-important bachelor party, assisting the best-man with the organization and making sure that the groom and his buddies have a fab time.


On the big day itself the ushers could be involved in helping a nervous groom to stay calm (maybe helping fashion a cool looking neck tie for him, if his hands are shaking too much)!  They help the best man to iron out any last-minute “wrinkles” and run around making sure the cars, photographer etc. are present and correct.


They may head to the venue a little early to ensure everything is ready. Checking that the aisle runner is laid out properly and that there is suitable access for all of the guests (particularly if there are any guests with mobility issues).


It’s useful for ushers to familiarize themselves with the order of events and the venue itself. Guests might ask about the best place to park or where they need to go for photographs. They should also have a list of useful numbers (such as suppliers and important wedding party members). If there’s a problem it’s really handy if an usher can step in to seamlessly sort out any wedding day glitches (before the bride and groom notice)!


At the ceremony, the ushers will direct guests into the venue and to their seats. If the bride and groom are going traditional, it’s the job of ushers to make sure guests sit on the appropriate side - “bride or groom.” They need to ensure everyone is seated before the bride makes her grand entrance. For extra brownie points, ushers should pay particular attention to guests that might need more help. Great grandma Rose might welcome a steadying arm guiding her to her seat at the front and parents, bridesmaids, other groomsmen and even the bride and groom will welcome a reassuring word that all is well and it’s going to be a fantastic wedding. After all that hard work, it’s only fitting that the ushers should receive a little gift to thank them for doing a superb job.


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