Top 5 Unique Wedding Favor Ideas

Your wonderful wedding guests have showered you with love and affection all day long. They’ve beamed at you as you exchanged vows, taken photographs, thrown confetti and danced the evening away with you. On top of that they have voyaged from far and wide to be with you, and spent a small fortune on travel, their outfits and a very generous wedding gift. So, it’s only fitting that in addition to formally thanking them for their attendance you also offer a small token of your appreciation for their love and support on your big day.


In the past, tradition dictated that five sugared almonds were presented to guests, these were said to represent the blessings of health, wealth, long-life, fertility and happiness. Nowadays there’s choice a-plenty and you can go for something that ties in with your theme and fits your unique personality. It’s a good idea to have a budget in mind, you can keep costs low by arranging favors yourself (get some friends over for a little impromptu favor making DIY, or you can go all out and purchase favors-to-go that just need to be set out on the day.

Wedding favors aren’t a must-have, but if you can stretch to get them, they are cute little extras that can make your guests feel just a bit more special. Let’s take a look at five unique ideas that will delight and impress your wedding guests:


A Little Drop of Something Nice.

Worried that your wedding favors might go to waste? That they may hastily be shoved into the back of a drawer at your guest’s home? Then be sure to make it a favor they will enjoy – how about champagne? Little bottles of bubbly make for a stylish way to say thank you. If you feel your guests have already drank their quota, and won’t want to even look at more alcohol, then consider a chic little bag of coffee beans (great for the morning after)! Go one better and get your personalized labels for your favors – the perfect finishing touch!


A Sweet Treat.

It’s not just children that have a sweet tooth. All of your guests can take great delight in feasting on a wedding inspired cake pop or a jar of retro sweeties. Make it even more special by adding a personalized label as a cute reminder of your special day.


Something for the creatives.

If you are having a seasonal wedding or a theme you could offer a favor that ties in with your day. Getting married in a beautiful garden in the middle of summer? Then embrace your theme and hand out packets of seeds, your guests can grow their own flowers and remember your day at the same time.  A vintage theme would sit well with the provision of teacup favors. Use shabby chic style teacups with candles inside for a gift that will look pretty.


Don’t Forget the Kids.

Favors are nice for kids too, but we doubt champagne or coffee will fit their needs! How about something cute and crafty that they can enjoy at home? A gingerbread or biscuit decorating kit is easy to put together and will provide edible fun. You could also consider a craft box for each child complete with crayons, drawing and coloring sheets, bubbles and a few sweets. The good thing with favors for children is that you can encourage them to open or use them at your wedding. So, if you are tired of kids running around the dance floor set up a table for them where they can get creative and keep busy for a while.


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