Unique Wedding Entertainment

If you are hosting a wedding or party you will want to make it a celebration to remember, what better way to do that than to hire an amazing and unique entertainer to make your day or night go off with a bang. A singer will get your guests tapping their feet and a band or DJ will have them up dancing, but how about something a little different, something that will add je ne sais quoi to the proceedings.


A Touch of Magic.

Abracadabra! Want to enchant your guests? Nowadays magic is more than just pulling a poor unsuspecting rabbit from a hat, magicians no longer need a stage and elaborate props (or a glamorous assistant) to wow onlookers. Magicians can mingle with your guests during your celebration, impressing with close-up conjuring feats that will leave Great Aunt Meryl and Great Uncle John scratching their heads and trying to figure out “How did he do that?”


Get Fired Up.

Not for the faint of heart, this looks dangerous, but hiring a fire-eater will certainly add an element of excitement to your event. Your guests will marvel at the sheer courage (or lunacy) of your entertainer, enthralled as he or she puts a flaming torch into their mouth and extinguishes it.


Celebrity impersonator.

Wouldn’t it be fabulous if Taylor Swift popped into your wedding evening celebrations to Shake It Off, or if Michael Jackson returned from beyond to moonwalk his way across your dance floor. Alas, hiring the real deal could be either impossible or way out of your price range. However, you could always consider hiring a celebrity impersonator to put in an appearance at your event. Let them circulate with your guests and wow with a few choice songs. You don’t have to choose a singing sensation, how about a sports personality look-alike or even a famous chef like Gordon Ramsey to serve up your buffet (providing he keeps the effing and blinding to himself)!

Turkish Delight.

If you want to add a little vivacity and liveliness to your event consider hiring a belly dancer. It’s a sure-fire way of getting everybody’s attention and you might be able to tempt some of your guests up onto the dance floor to join in.


Sing for Your Supper.

Your waiters have been very busy, bustling from table to table, delivering tasty plates of food and clearing away dirty dishes. But these are no ordinary waiters, just when your guests are well-fed and rested they get the surprise of their lives, when the waiters burst into song.

Singing waiters are a great way to amaze and amuse your guests, there’s an opportunity to discuss song choices in advance, so you can make sure your guests enjoy their surprise to the fullest.  


Share Our Joy

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