Unique Wedding Invitations to Wow Your Guests

Who shall we invite to the wedding? This can be a tricky question for betrothed couples far and wide. Your budget can have a big influence on your guest list, as can your personal preferences. Whether you want to keep things informal and low-key or push the boat and go for a big and bold affair, chances are you will want to send out invitations to let your guests know about your forthcoming nuptials.


In the past invitations were extended in different ways. Head back to the 1700’s in the UK and you would probably receive your invite via word of mouth from a booming town-crier. This proved easier as many citizens couldn’t read! Wealthier families would employ a calligrapher or the services of a monk (they were known for their exquisite handwriting). The family crest was usually stamped onto an invitation too (which helped illiterate guests to work out who the invitation was from)!


In the US the 1600’s bore witness to the arrival of the first newspapers – which provided the perfect place for wedding announcements to be published. But what of the invitation, we have an Austrian thespian to thank for those. In 1796 Alois Senfelder invented lithography (the transfer of an image onto limestone, which in turn could be transferred to paper). The arrival of the “printing press” heralded a time where wedding invites became accessible and affordable for all and by the 19th century many were created in this way.


Nowadays you can send invitations in many weird and wonderful ways, and whether you opt for traditional or avant-garde you need to make sure your invitations reflect your personal style and provide the important details about your big day.


Pretty as A Picture.

Vintage is still big news and there’s nothing prettier than tweed bunting adorning brown paper bag style invitations tied with cord. Flowers, lace, pastels, and polka dots all have their place in the vintage world. Contemporary is striking, but if you prefer frills over clean lines, then pretty invitations could be perfect for you.


A Dream Theme.

If you are going with a theme on your wedding day you could extend this to your invitations. An Alice in Wonderland style wedding lends itself well to tea parties, and if chocolate is your favorite thing how about incorporating it into your day and evening (chocolate fountain here we come).

The Star Attraction.

Posters and flyers aren’t really synonymous with weddings, but why not advertise your big celebration in this sort of style. You are the stars of the show after all – and should definitely get top billing.


Time for Tea?

Paper or cardboard doesn’t have to be the order of the day for your invitations. How about going for something that has a few environmental creds – an invite that can be read and then used over and over again. We’re talking about a wedding invitation that’s actually printed on a tea-towel!


A Stand Out Design.

Who wants flat when you can go for stand-out 3D? Give your invitees a cute surprise when they open their invite to be confronted by a pop-up cake or miniature wedding chapel. You can also opt for a laser cut or acrylic invitation, the latter is so exquisite.


Getting Personal.

How about wedding invitations showing photographs or illustrations of you and your soon to be spouse? There’s nothing like the personal touch and as it’s your wedding day it should be all about the happy couple.

Get It on Record.

Retro invitations, such as vinyl records, look cool and are great if you’re looking for something a little different. Your guests will wonder whether to read it or play it.


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