Wedding Dresses Should I Consider a Pre-Owned Gown?

Just because you want to look and feel like a million dollars on your wedding day, doesn’t mean that you want to actually spend that much on your dress. You obviously want to look stunning, it’s your big day and all eyes should be on you as you coast down the aisle to meet your groom.


You’ve drooled over wedding mags and browsed online but the dress of your dreams seems to be way out of your budget. What’s a bride-to-be to do? Here’s an idea – instead of a brand spanking new dress why not check out what’s available in terms of pre-loved bridal gowns?


Pre-Owned and Pre-Loved.

Initially you might not be keen on the idea of a dress that’s been owned by someone else. Don’t get caught up on that – if it’s used or pre-loved and has been worn once before, so what? That means another gorgeous lady thought it was as stunning as you do, plus the gown has already made one bride (and groom) very happy!  In some cases, the dress may be pre-owned but might not have actually been worn. Maybe there has a been a change of circumstances or the bride has set her heart on another dress.


Where Can I Find a Pre-Owned Dress?

There are bridal stores that sell pre-owned dresses. You can look through the racks as you would in any dress shop, and try before you buy.

You could also browse online for pre-owned dresses on dedicated websites or via personal advertisements. You will also find advertisements in the classified section of some publications.


What Type of Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses are Available?

There are loads of styles to choose from, just as there are when you look for a brand new gown. From fairy-tale princess, to sleek and short cocktail styles. There should be a pre-owned dress out there that will suit your budget and taste. If you go for an off-the-rack, pre-owned wedding dress, you could save around 50% on the price. If your dress needs some work e.g. there is a stain or tear that needs to be repaired you could save even more (if you are willing to get it sorted out yourself).


You can even try and source pre-owned designer dresses. So, if you have been dreaming big and imagining greeting your partner dressed in Vera Wang you might be in luck! You can save approximately 20-40% on designer gowns if you go for pre-owned rather than new.

What Should I Consider When Buying a Pre-Owned Dress?

Whether you are buying from a store or a private seller take a close up look at the gown. First, check the condition of the dress. Has it been professionally cleaned? Does it need any repair work (and if so does the price reflect this and do you have the time/ energy to fix any problems)?

The fit is important too, so try on the wedding dress. Even if it has a size 8 label, the frock might not fit a standard size 8! Wedding dresses are regularly altered to fit the bride-to-be, so the gown you have your eye on may have been shortened or taken in slightly. Ideally, it’s better if the dress is slightly larger than required, that way you can ask a dress-maker to tailor it to your body-shape (making it look like it was made just for you)!

You should also keep in mind that the dress is probably being sold as is and is non-refundable. Make sure it’s a keeper and the one before you part with your hard-earned bucks!

Finally, if you do go for a pre-owned dress remember that even though it was owned and maybe worn by another, it is now yours. You can style it any way you like, make any alterations necessary and accessorize like your life depends on it. After all you’ve saved dollars on the dress, so you can go crazy and buy a beautiful head piece and a pair of stunning shoes. Treat yourself, you’re getting married!

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