Wedding Photographs Must Have Shots

Wedding Photographs – Must Have Shots.

The photographs from your wedding day are ones you will surely treasure forever as you relive your special day over and over again through the images captured by your wedding photographer. Therefore, they need to really portray the intensity and feeling of the day, the look of love between you and your better half, the beauty of your venue, the joyful tear in Great Aunt Janie’s eye as she watches you waltz down the aisle and the look of pure concentration on your ring bearer’s face as he carefully balances the rings on the embroidered personalized pillow (no pressure)!

The right photographer can bring to life your wedding day and evening – catching those precious moments and recording them forever. Choosing a photographer can be a feat in itself, you need to consider budget and availability of photographers. Take a look at past work and get recommendations if you can – above all - talk to your prospective photographer. Communicate your vision and decide if you can build a rapport that will result in pictures that will knock your socks off.


The Chosen One.

Booked your photographer? Great, now you need to think about what type of photographs you are looking for. Contemporary, cutting-edge or would you prefer traditional imagery? It’s up to you so don’t allow well-meaning members of the wedding party to decide for you, we’ve said it before and we will say it again – IT’S YOUR WEDDING! So, you have your style sewn up now it’s time to think about what photographs you want to get in that album. We’ve drawn up a helpful list to get you on your way, it’s not set in stone but it will hopefully help you to work out what pics you don’t want to miss!


Before the I Do’s.

Before the ceremony kicks off it’s a good idea to get a few shots of the preparations. When you’re busy getting ready you tend to miss the buzz of excitement around you, so ask your photographer to get some pics of you (the bride) and your bridesmaids getting ready. It’s also nice to include a few shots of your dress hanging ready and shoes sitting neatly.

You can also get some snaps of the groom, as he’s given the once over by the best man (bow tie straight…check, boutonnière properly fastened…check, last minute whisky downed – check)!

A photo of the father and bride (or whoever is giving you away), is customary, as is arrival at the venue in your chosen transport (that goes for the groom too - if he’s hired a classic or sporty number we’re sure he will want a few pics with the car of his dreams). Ask your photographer to capture the anticipation with a few shots of the groom waiting for you and a few of the bridesmaids preparing for the walk down the aisle.


During and After the I Do’s.

There are a few definites that should be on your list here and that includes your entrance and the awe of the guests (and the groom) as their eyes fall upon the beautiful bride. No photographer worth their salt would miss the exchange of rings, the kiss to seal the deal or the signing of the register. He or she should also capture the joy as you leave as “husband and wife” and the “confetti throwing,” shot is always popular.


Capturing the Whole Party.

Ok, so you don’t want to upset the wedding party (or your new relatives), or the many friends and family who have traveled far and wide to share your special day. So traditionally you should get pics of everyone involved! Photographs of:

Bride and groom (most important pictures of all)!  Bride, groom, best man and ushers. Bride, groom and bridesmaids. Bride, groom and parents (both sets). You can go for separate one too if you like e.g. groom and parents, bride and parents. Whatever you feel comfortable with. You shouldn’t forget a photo with the bride, groom and grandparents and one of the bride, groom and any siblings. You should also get a picture with your friends and finally one of all of your guests together– say cheese everyone.



If you are having wedding photography at your reception ask your photographer to capture your arrival, the speeches, the cutting of the cake and the first dance – all memorable milestones of any wedding.


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