What Makes a Good Best Man Toast?

Being asked to serve as a best man is a great honor, but with honor comes responsibility! Tradition dictates that the best man (along with the groomsmen and/ or ushers) takes care of the groom, gives him a bachelor party to be proud of and helps to ensure the wedding day runs smoothly.


The best man also has the delight of another duty – the best man toast. For some, the mere thought of standing in front of a room full of people to “entertain” them is enough to cause a cold sweat. Others revel in the thought of bringing up stories from the past and grabbing the limelight for a while. Why not help your best man out and show him our guide to what makes a good toast? Reduce the chance of a rambling, booze-fueled speech peppered with inappropriate anecdotes about the groom’s “colorful past,” spare Great Aunt Edna’s blushes and make sure your best man is on the right track!


5 Top Tips for The Best Man – How To Make A Speech.

First off – do not panic. You’ve been asked to be best man for a reason, because you’re considered the best! Prove your worth by resolving to look after the groom, helping the wedding day run smoothly and delivering a best man toast that’s memorable for all of the right reasons!

Be Prepared.

As best man don’t try and wing it, a speech won’t just come together after a few beers, you’re likely to make a hash of it, stumble over your words and forget key points! Start thinking about your speech way ahead of time, get some ideas jotted down and check your facts (how did the happy couple meet etc). Then, practice in the mirror (a lot)!


Don’t Get Hammered.

As the best man you are almost expected to join the groom and wedding party in celebratory drinking and who are we to put a damper on the fun? However, do not – we repeat – DO NOT get drunk (before your speech). Unless you want to be remembered for all the wrong reasons i.e. being sloppy, slurring or blurting out completely inapt stories that will put you in hot water with the wedding party and your best mate’s new wife!


Say Thank you and Raise a Toast.

A huge part of the best-man’s toast is to say a big thank you to all of those who played a part in making the day a success. This includes the parents of the happy couple and all of the guests who may have traveled from far and wide to join the celebrations. Don’t forget to raise a toast to the happy couple!


Be Sincere.

As the best man it’s your job to celebrate the happy union. Be sure to praise the bride and lament the groom is lucky to have found someone like her! Talk about how they got together or when you realized they were made for one another.

Funny stories are cute, just don’t wade too far into embarrassing territory (avoid comments about ex-partners or anything remotely rude about family, friends, meeting the bride-to-be for the first time or the wedding day)! Your speech should be uplifting rather than cringe-worthy.


Don’t Go On and On and On!

Your speech doesn’t have to be too short and sweet, you should cover the main points and take time to connect with the guests but no-one expects (or really wants) a two-hour marathon address. Your job is to be light-hearted, make people feel welcome and make the bride and groom feel on top of the world!


Finally – Just Do Your Best.

You’re not a public speaker, no-one expects you to be word-perfect, enjoy making your speech, see it as your way to showcase that you really are the best man! You can expect a nice thank you gift from the happy couple afterwards, so make sure you do a good job!


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