Who throws the bridal shower?

Before the happy ever after, there needs to be ridiculous amounts of fun and laughter, girly gossip and pretty gifts. That’s where the bridal shower comes in and it’s the perfect opportunity for nearest and dearest to gather around the bride-to-be and share in the pre-wedding excitement.

The bridal shower is a long-held tradition, dating back to the 1890s and was initially thought to be a good way for well-wishers to provide money and resources toward the actual wedding. Nowadays the bride and groom (with a little help from their family) cover the cost of the wedding themselves. The bridal shower is more of a light-hearted event and is seen as an opportunity for female relations and friends of the bride to get together (although recently males have been known to make an appearance too). Gifts are usually given to the bride-to-be. In the past, the bride would receive house-hold goodies and this tradition still stands, but now she will be just as likely to receive a luxurious bubble bath and champagne, along with novelty items such as “bride” slippers etc.

A wedding takes a whole lot of planning and the bride will no doubt be busy with everything from dress fittings, to bridal favors and seating plans (Where the heck should Uncle Bob sit?) Quite frankly, she doesn’t have time to think about the bridal shower and tradition dictates she shouldn’t have to.

In the past, it was customary for the bridal shower to be thrown by the maid of honor, bridesmaids or good friends of the bride-to-be. Today, wedding customs are less set in stone and family members such as the mother of the bride, mother-in-law, sisters etc. are also able to organize the bridal shower. Communication is key here – family, bridesmaids and friends should decide between them whether it’s going to be a joint effort or if one or two key people are going to organize the event. Sometimes one bridal shower just isn’t enough, and if this is the case, hosts should talk to one another to ensure guests, ideas and dates aren’t overlapping! The bride-to-be’s job should be to simply show up at the appointed time, greet her guests (along with the host) and have a fabulous time. There are some great ways to make it truly memorable for the bride-to-be and her guests.

Invites can be via a simple email, but a formal invite can be a nice touch and there are some very pretty designs available. A theme can be lovely, this can be tied to the wedding itself e.g. if the bride is going for a vintage style wedding, a shabby chic tea party would be ideal. Add a few bottles of bubbly - it’s a bridal shower after all! Games can be fun and great ice-breakers. If dressing one another up in toilet paper wedding gowns isn’t your thing try something simple like the ring game. Each guest gets a ring, but loses it if they say “wedding” or “bride” – tricky at a bridal shower! Guests could also write messages for the bride-to-be, words of wisdom, ideas for date nights etc. This adds a personal element and makes for a treasured memento to look back on.

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