Whose Parents Pay for the Wedding?

If you are busy thinking about your wedding you have probably got lots of wonderful ideas about the big day itself. There’s so much to discuss and decide on – what date to get hitched, where to tie the knot, and tons of other important stuff that is required to ensure your wedding goes off with a bang. What with outfits, flowers, and cakes, the list seems endless, and at the back of your mind you realize that your wedding day is going to cost quite a few dollars!


Traditionally the bride’s parents picked up a large proportion of the wedding cost. But, nowadays everything is much more fluid and it’s more common than ever for the bride and groom themselves to cover all or part of the cost of their big day. This could be due to the fact that there is such a huge focus on getting the day of your dreams, and if you are the main contributor to the cost of the day you generally get more say over what you want.


The groom’s family are just as likely to want to make a contribution as the bride’s nearest and dearest. If you are lucky enough to be receiving a contribution from both families then you need to sit down and get organized. Who will be paying for what?


Budget and Plan.

Weddings can’t all be about hearts and flowers, a successful day doesn’t happen on its own and before you say “I do,” you will need to decide how much you can spend (and who is chipping in for what). Contributions from family members will depend on family and financial circumstances, so don’t assume you will be getting a handout from the bank of mom and dad!


Get organized and plan your expenditure, that way family members can look over your plans – they might want to contribute a set amount which you can spend at your discretion. Alternatively, they may want to give you an amount for a particular purchase, such as a cake or for the wedding band at the reception. Remember all contributions are greatly appreciated!


Don’t Forgot to Say Thank you!

If parents or other family members are chipping in don’t forget to say a big “Thank you,” a mention in the speech is a nice touch and you can show your appreciation further by giving a gift to those who have helped. Consider something personal for the parents (perhaps something inscribed with your wedding date and a cute message that relays your love and gratitude).  


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