Why Are Wedding Photographers So Expensive?

It’s important to get some gorgeous snaps of your special day. You can look back in your twilight years and remember what a fabulous celebration you had (and marvel at how gorgeous you and your partner were when you were pert, well-dressed and all loved up)! You will also want to share your photographs with your nearest and dearest, work colleagues, neighbors, friends-of-friends, in fact anyone who you can get to take a look!


While wedding photographs are going to be treasured and are an integral part of your special day they can also be expensive. You are paying for beautiful snaps, but you are also paying for your photographer’s time, experience and (if you are going for someone renowned you are paying for their reputation too). You should also remember that photographers have a lot of (expensive) equipment to get the best results and they have to fork out for insurance too – so there’s an added cost for the clients, that’s you!

That’s ok if you have an endless budget for your big day, but most of us don’t have that luxury – so we have to keep an eye on what we are going to spend. Let’s put things into context – you want to get married? Getting married can cost as much or as little as you want it to. The official ceremony won’t cost that much, it’s all those wonderful added extras that cost the dollars – the venue, a fancy meal, lots of booze, a big cake, a gorgeous dress, the rings, cars, outfits for the wedding party, entertainment, decorations…. the photographer! Need we go on?


The difference between photographs / videos versus the rest of your wedding spend is that these two items will be kept and looked back on over the years. Your cake, food and booze will be long gone (thoroughly enjoyed by your guests), the venue is important but really just offers a backdrop to your big day. Even your dress (as essential as it is) will be sold, or packed away in a box in the hope that you will ooh and ahh over it in the distant future with your grandkids. The photographs will be displayed in a book or on your wall and will provide a lasting memento of the day when two became one. Worth a few dollars of your budget? We think so.

It’s up to you what your priorities are, and if exquisite photographs are one of those, then that’s where you need to allocate some of your precious budget. However, you don’t need to bag a celebrity snapper to make sure your photos are worthy of a second glance. Shop around, visit wedding fairs, get recommendations and the advice of a super wedding planner, and remember to communicate with your photographer! They can help you to plan your photographs, but they aren’t mind readers, tell them what you are looking for and work out if their services fit the budget you had in mind – don’t get carried away! A few beautiful pictures for your wall and album are better than pages and pages of never-ending snaps!


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