Will You Be My Maid of Honor?

The bride should choose her maid of honor with care, this pivotal role should be given to her nearest and dearest friend. There’s more to it than just wandering down the aisle, straightening the brides train. This is a role that carries a lot of responsibility, the brides right-hand-woman, the maid of honor needs to be cool, calm and collected. Chief problem solver, organizer, supporter and listener, the maid of honor is there to keep order and make sure the bride doesn’t go crazy!


When it comes to the bridesmaids, the maid of honor is the head honcho. She needs to run a tight ship. Making sure the bridesmaids and flower girls stick to the brides plans for dress and accessory shopping and that they are all there for the all-important fittings. The maid of honor also accompanies the bride-to-be on her own quest for the perfect dress.


In the midst of the wedding planning the maid of honor needs to organize an amazing bachelorette party and could also be tasked with sorting out a bridal shower. These two events mark the launch of the bride-to-be into married life, they need to be awesome and wow not only the soon to be Mrs but also her family and friends – no pressure! The bridesmaids can help with this but the maid of honor should lead the way.


On the big day itself the maid of honor makes sure the bridesmaids are ready on time and looking fabulous, the only person who should be running late is the bride herself (but do try to keep her on time)!  The maid of honor can then turn her attention to the star of the day, helping her to get into her dress, calming any nerves and sharing a glass of bubbly to toast the start of a memorable day. On the way to the venue the bride will probably need some help getting in and out of the wedding car. There can be a lot of dress to squeeze into that car! Upon entering the venue, the maid of honor can make sure the train (if there is one) is straight and the bride is looking perfect. Then, after a few last words of encouragement, she can accompany her closest buddy down the aisle, holding the bouquet on cue and dabbing a tear as she hears the “I do’s.”


During the wedding day, the maid of honor should keep an eye on the details (along with the other bridesmaids and groomsmen), making sure any problems are headed off at the pass and that the bride and groom have a super day. The TLC continues through the reception - duties include making sure guests are having fun, offering a toast if asked to do so and shaking her groove thang with the bride and bridesmaids. Oh, and of course there’s the essential job of holding up the bride’s dress so she can go in comfort! To say thank you for all of that hard work (and the toilet duty) it’s a nice touch for the bride and groom to present the maid of honor with a token gift for being a complete superstar!


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